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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  October 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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what we are learning right now. plus: >> girls, you know, to have our privacy out there. >> villanova university student facing serious charges for what investigators say he did on the school's campus, where police found a hidden cell phone recording, secret videos every unsuspecting victims. >> if you didn't do it yesterday, get into that coat closet once again. not as cold as yesterday morning, but we do have some precipitation in some areas. >> felt cold. >> sue will break it all down for us, coming up in just a moment. it is relative. >> i'm the winning running to the car. good morning, sue. >> hey, thomas, welcome back. >> yes, welcome back, good morning. >> i go guess it is said i was supposed to say hi and it deuce myself. good morning, i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp, sue serio joining us with the wetter. >> we sign a number every day to the day. >> yes? >> it is only a five. precipitation, it is a little warmer than yesterday, like karen said, but we have the trade off.
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so bus stop buddy has the umbrella. and the rain gear, and there is a flyers game at home tonight. so we put the flyers cap on, as well. temperatures mostly in the four's this morning, remember yesterday, they were in the 20's, 30's, we had some cloud cover out there, look at this, we have freezing rain advisory in effect until 11:00 a.m. in carbon, monroe counties. now, we are watching some wintery precipitation, move into those count thinks morning it, looks like it is snow, and a wintery mix. and it extends as far south as pottsville, allentown, just getting some light rain at the moment. for us, we don't expect rain until later on in the day. maybe a sprinkle or two this morning, but, 46 degrees, guarantees it will just be rain. 7:25 is your sunrise time. just plan on little bit of sunshine today. but rain for the drive home. bob kelly, at least it is not right now. >> that's right. and of course, you mentioned, about that mixed precipitation, i think is the wording, you were using this morning, here's a live look, from that area, that's probably going to see that
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mixed precipitation today. this is i80, just east of bethlehem, east of scranton, so be ready for the gang waking up in that area. or, if you are going to be traveling up northeast this morning, be ready for some changing road conditions. right now, we're in good shape you roll through chester county, no problems on the blue route this morning, 476, the schuylkill expressway, looking good, and an accident involving a police vehicle. this is all happening at the moment, just coming into us, in hunting park at broad and west pike. so watch for some low deal tours. i-95, looking good out of northeast philadelphia. no problems here on the 42 freeway, now, later on today, they'll shutdown fifth street in olney between tabor and chew. all part of a long-term construction project. mass transit, the buses, trains, trolleys, all running with no delays. thomas, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. we begin with this breaking news, coming out of the northeast section of the city right now. >> violent night in philadelphia. one person is dead, another injured after double shooting. >> and they are looking for
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who ever is responsible right now. out to steve keeley with the latest information. steve? >> reporter: well, this happened at 1:30, you can see the homicide team along with the crime scene unit here in this parking lot. we are far off welsh rd., even though this apartment complex is a long already along walsh road. looks like along the railroad tracks on the other side of the fence here. this is the joshua house apartment, probably part of the korman suites. but a lot of apartment complexes back here, but this is the back end of it, even though it is well lit, there was three people out here, and a woman and two men, who were meeting with a fourth man in this parking lot when the people who live in this apartment complex heard a series of gunshots, at least a dozen gunshots fired and they smartly called 911. police raised back here, and that's where they found between these parked cars here a woman in her 30's, lying dead, as they're here, they hear about another guy who was shot at the scene, who drove
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himself from here to nazareth hospital. he had been shot in the face and arm, but obviously able enough to drive himself to nazareth hospital. then they learn of a third guy who was here at the time, who must have came forward on his own who was not shot. here is inspector scott small telling us what he knew by then. >> we believe that this female who was shot and killed and the 35 year old male who was shot in the face and arm, they were with a third individual who was not shot. we were able to locate that third individual and he has been transported to homicide and he's being interviewed by homicide detectives. now, preliminary information is that our shooter met with our two victims and the third male who was not shot back in this parking lot, we're not certain why they met at this location. >> well, we are lucky we didn't have more victims.
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you can seep, this is like l shape apartment building. believe it or not, what we hear all the time on these stories, about the stray bullets hitting innocent victims, but a lot of these parked cars have bullet holes in them. one of the bullets went through one of the windows of one of the ants, police went in the apartment, found the person, and they were not shot even though they've got a bullet through their window, into their wall, in and around their furniture. that was the good part of this story f there is any good thing about a murder story, so, a lot of bullet casings around here, and they figure that woman was intended target, because seven of the casings were just within inches of her body. so it sounds like she was shot pointing blank, this guy may have been firing at the other two guys when they ran away. that's why you have bullet all over the parking lot as well. hopefully these two guys will cooperate. obviously they know this guy. nobody just wanders back here and so maybe resident here we don't know that yet either, but a lot of answers for the police still to come up with, that's why they're still here, just really starting probably this investigation.
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thomas, karen? >> let's hope that someone saw something that they'll come forward, unfortunately, a lot of people don't. >> that's the truth. >> the mindset, steve, thank you. unfortunately we have more breaking news we're covering this morning here at 5:06. another shooting this one in west oaklane. the shooting happened around 1:30 this morning on the six a hundred block of north 17th street. police say the victim was shot and killed at close range, moment many times in the chest and stomach. now, they believe he was the intended target. and right now they are working to identify the victim. no arrest haves been made in this shooting. >> ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> the 76ers open their season at home, but it is what you didn't see, and what didn't happen, that has a lot of people talking. >> well, there is a controversy right now over the national anthem. it has been the subject after lot of different development
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all around the country. >> and spreading. fox 29's lauren johnson joining us from the wells fargo center to explain all of this. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: hello, good morning, thomas, karen. the fall out is over a jersey, not one that the players were wearing, but the one that the woman who was supposed to sing the national anthem was wearing. her name is seventh streeter. let's introduce you to her. singer and songwriter signed to atlantic records, set to sing the national anthem at half court last night. but it never happened. here is what she says happened. >> i'm at the 76ers game to sing the national anthem, and the organization is telling me i can't because i am wearing a we matters jersey. >> well the team didn't directly respond, but they did say this in a statement, the 76ers organization encourages meaningful action to drive social change. we use our game to bring people together to gain trust and strength in our community as we move from symbolic gestures to action, we will
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continue to leverage our platforms to positively impact our community. here is how one fan is responding. >> we all matter. all of our lives matter. black lives do matter. but if that's what she wanted to do, i think in that instant, she needed to let the sixers organization know this is what i want to do tonight. and if she dropped it on them just before it was time to go out, then i whole heart educationally understand why the sixers didn't allow it. >> and on twitter door even says i kind of agree with the sixers, no politics in sports. of course, we have seen these similar movements in sports all over the count rip it, started over the upper -- summer, or tends of the summer with colin kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem on the football field. >> lauren, thank you so much. you can always way in with lauren's twitter and any of ours. >> your twitter? >> at thomas drayton at thomas drayton. >> we'll do it. >> i feel like i'm page willing someone. >> so what happened with the
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game? loft you want to know it was the opener. well, yes, they didn't win. >> oklahoma city thunder getting the best of philadelphia. 103-97. more sports in a minute with sean bell coming up in just a moment. >> other big story of course, political news. a top destination on the road to the white house has become pennsylvania, presidential nominee's pick picked up the pace, with the election 12 days away, both campaign making stops in our area tomorrow. >> gop nominee mike penned leads rally in montgomery couldn't. president bill clinton in berks. so follows senator tim kane stomping for hillary clinton, in our region yesterday. the democratic vice presidential nominee making two stops on two college campuses. kane trying to drum up support at muhlenberg college and bucks county community college. >> he told the students there just how much their vote count. >> the presidential candidates are focusing on the other battleground states. donald trump heading to ohio today, with three big rallies, hillary clinton, waiting for
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her first campaign appearance in north caroline with first lady michelle obama. >> now, both of the candidates have stopped making those in-person appearances at the big donor fundraisers, but clinton has significantly out raised and out spent trump. trump is gaining traction pounding clinton for defending obamacare during rally in charlotte yesterday. his main focus was urban renewal, and i will legal immigration. >> one of the greatest betrayals has been the issue of immigration. illegal immigration violates the civil rights of african-americans. no group is more economically harmed by decades of illegal immigration than low-income, african-american workers. >> trump took a break from campaigning. there is the ribbon cutting right there, that's at his new hotel in washington, d.c. on pennsylvania avenue. his decision to go there is something that he actually had to defend later. he said he wanted to be therefore his children who work so hard on this project.
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>> at an event in florida, hillary clinton mocked trump for taking care every his business, but not the nation's voters. clinton explains why she feels that while donald trump's luxury hotel may be new, it is, quote, the same old story. >> while the hotel may be new, it is the same old story. if you have friends, who are thinking of voting for trump, i want you to tell them that he relied on undocumented workers to make his project cheaper. >> on the other side, memos released by wikileaks show overlap between hillary clinton state department, her family's foundation and the consulting firm. show windfall for all, stealing tens of millions of dollars for the clinton family generating lucrative contract for members of her inner circle? the polls are showing this race is still anyone's, all up for grabs. here is the latest numbers from fox news. hillary clinton leads 49 to 44. in a head-to-head match up in a four way race. clinton ahead of trump by 44 to 41%.
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usually within that plus or minus range though, this could go anyway. >> twelve days and counting. >> how about this one? we will share it with you, little later in the show, the best cheese steaks in the country. but here is the catch on this one. sacra lidge. not one of them in philadelphia. >> i don't believe it. i don't believe t you'll way in, coming up in just a moment. also, sidewalk overgrown with weeds, littered with piles of trash. fox 29 getting results for pedestrians tired of dodging traffic. near a busy philadelphia highway. >> and this is just such a disturbing story. >> this man spoke only with us, he has problems seeing. he was attack and stabbed in the eye. what may have started this whole tragic chain of event.
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>> wintery chill, as a result, we have freezing rain, advisory, in effect for carbon, monroe count thinks morning. let's show that you precipitation. we zoom in little closer. you can see it, ranges from snow, to a wintery mix, around hazleton, around tomaquua, mount pocono probably getting snow right now. we look, down in to the rest of our viewing area, across the river from delaware county, here, in woolwich township, even glassboro, looks like just little bit of rain and also some very light rain probably around mays landing this morning.
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so what you are seeing on radar, a lot of it isn't making it to the ground. it is that light this morning. but at least, with these temperatures, it is rain, and only rain, that we're expecting. and the bulk of it will not be happening until later on this afternoon. so we have 46 degrees in philadelphia, 32 up in mount pocono, where the problems are. forty-nine in dover. 45 degrees in wildwood. future cast shows a lot of cloud cover this morning. mix to our north, but throughout the rest of the morning we think we will just see cloudy skies. here we go with 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, leading edge of the cold front comes through with some rain, some of the rain you see with the yellow, orange, could be heavy at times, throughout the evening, and into probably about midnight 1:00 in the morning. so by the time we are together again tomorrow the rain should be gone. 60 degrees today. well, that's improvement over the 50's we had the past couple of days, now, tomorrow sunny, very windy, chilly, the wind on saturday, though, will be a warmer win, high of 70 degrees. seventy-one, on sunday.
5:17 am
and spooky sunshine in store for halloween, bob kelly, it will be scary at night. >> oh,. >> but at least dry. >> you got it, we've an accident right near the boo route. get it? the boo route. the westbound schuylkill right at the boo route off ramp here right behind the trees here. so anyone headed west, out toward conshohocken, right before the blue route, 476, watch for an accident there. otherwise, kind of slow going here on the turnpike, they've been doing some construction on the overnight. no problems rolling through the main line thereon 202, headed into and out of downingtown, accident involving a police vehicle. this along hunting park, in hunting park, broad and west pike. just watch for some local detours. they are also working on the northeast extension, southbound, from the lehigh valley, on down, northbound, up in toward quakertown, pulling out of the king of prussia interchange, 55, as you work your way in toward conshy, i mentioned it earlier, cranky co-workers day. so i put up on facebook, hey, who would you like to nominate at your offers? check out this feisty old broad who watches us each and
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every morning says: my supervisor. he is a total crank. there you go. so nominate somebody at your office for cranky co-workers day. later on, the princeton avenue ramp to 95 north is going to close, that will happen right after the rush hour at about, they say, 8:00 until early -- >> oh, you're taking too much time. can i win cranky co-worker? >> so far. we'll put the crown right on here. thomas, karen, back over to you. >> i feel like bob will make a week out of. that will talking more about the breaking news bob just mentioned there, breaking news out of hunting park. there has been an accident involving a police cruiser, and another car is also involved in that, it happened around 4:30 this morning, at broad and pike. now we do not know if the police officer is injured. we know the driver of the other car had to be extricated from the vehicle, now at temple hospital. we are working to get more details into the news room, once again this happened about 4:30, in hunting park. we'll certainly keep you
5:19 am
updated. time now 5:18 here. part time villanova student under arrest this morning. this guy right here. nineteen jerold vincent of broomall accused of secretly recording people in public rest rooms, and a classroom on campus, but those are not the only accusation. >> gets even more disturbing the more they dug into this. investigators say there could be more victims and a lot more. right now, that suspect is facing child pornography sexual abuse, whole host of other charges, part time villanova student and investigators say he secretly recorded video of both men and women at public bathrooms, on campus, and across the delaware county area for the past two years. on his devices investigators say they found more than 08,000 pictures and videos. 08,000. and those secret up skirt videos, some taken of customers inside the cvs broomall where he used to work. >> he would place the phone underneath where the candy typically is stored, it is very hard to see, but the camera would be able then to
5:20 am
be focused on a laid that's were wearing skirts. >> really shocking because i think the bathroom, no matter what, supposed to be something really personal. really scary for us girls you know have our privacy out there. i just hope i'm not in one of those pictures. >> they think there could be as many as 30 student victims at vim november, a because they found those hidden videos coming from a third floor, single stall bathroom, and one of the residents hauls there, from april through september of this year. police found that hidden camera back on september 26th. they also found a hidden camera inside the video from inside the bathroom, cardinal o'hara high school, that's believed to be two years old. >> time 5:20. only on fox, a brutal attack robs a man of his site. the search is on for the teenage here pulled out a kitchen knife and plunge philadelphia right through his eye. kevin warrington trying to break up a fight between a group of girls, and he said the boy stabbed him in the left eye with the knife. fifty-five year old said it happened on elmwood avenue
5:21 am
right outside his home two weeks ago. he tells fox 29 he can't believe what happened. he was just trying to help out. he says he's going need a prosthetic left eye now. >> a new jersey priest now facing child pornography charges, in pennsylvania, it is pretty disturbing, the reverend, from mawa, charged 20 counts of child pornography, 20 count of spreading that child pornography, he was arrested last week in toms river, new jersey, he is being held pending extradition to pennsylvania. investigators say he up loaded child pornography to an internet chat room. his lawyer says he's vigorously defends himself. closing arguments begin today in new jersey in that whole bridgegate trial. testimony came to an end yesterday, in trenton. in all, four people have testified under oath the governor chris christie new more than he said he did about those traffic closures on the george washington bridge. christie has repeatedly denied he knew anything about the scheme. prosecutors say the lanes were closed, to punish the mayor of fort lee, for not endorsing christie for re-election,
5:22 am
christie has not been charged. now, a look at the other top stories making headlines this morning. this is helping people out, trying to get some result. for people walking in an area where it is kind of messy and dangerous, and there is a lot of trash out there. >> police were out picketing illegally parked tractor-trailers along the 3,000 block of and forts forward avenue after we raised questions about conditions along this stretch. the trailers make it even more dangerous for pedestrians to detour into the street to avoid the mess. they could starting to today. the streets department is also promise to go clean up the sidewalk, where trash and weeds are home to verman. >> navigating through this, jumps out at you, i had an instance when i was walking through and the rodent actually renee cross the feet. >> so we got this stretch of sidewalk cleaned up in 2012, again in 2014. look how disappointing, back again like a mess, so we will stay on top of this one, we will do everything we can, time and again, as many times
5:23 am
as it takes to keep that area clean. >> bruce gordon getting results there. 5:22, traffic and weather together just ahead. >> this one basically uncomfortable topic watch do we do when we pason and diane cremation has gotten to be much more popular? but with that has also comma issue for the catholic church. they've come out with the new announcement of what you are and not supposed to do if you're loved one is cremated. >> hopefully while you are living you can have a little fun. winning numbers. we'll be right back.
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>> the catholic church no longer allows the squatting of ashes. >> new guidelines, how remains should be preserved. >> states remains must be kept in a sacred place or even burr made cemetery. the catholic church says that it is alarmed that ashes being stored in jewelry or even some of the momentos, says ashes should not be divided between relatives and not even kept at home. >> it has to do a lot with the dignity of the body, the dignity of celebrating the funeral, lit your gentlemen of the church. >> i disagree with it. i think it is after person's cremated, they should be able to do with their loved ones, what they want to do. >> i think a lot of people will have opinions on this one, people really like to spread ashes, in a ocean, or
5:27 am
in a quiet place, or to keep the loved one with them. well, these new guidelines just released in time for old soul's day coming up after halloween, november 2nd, when catholics pray and remember the dead. >> it is an uncomfortable conversation that i think something you need to have, your loved one. >> what they want to do? >> yes. >> what do you want to do. >> what do i opportunity do? i don't know, just stuff me, stuff me somewhere, put me somewhere. >> in a corner somewhere? >> no one wants to see. that will coming up at 5:30, disturbing story. temple university student facing serious charges, secretly recording unsuspecting victims. >> also, our philadelphia police right now investigating two deadly shootings. more violence, in our city overnight. two separate sections, we'll explain what happened, and where. [ roars ]
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>> controversy before the sixers season opener last night. so, what this singer had on her shirt that got her banned, she says, from performing the national anthem in our sit. >> i causing waves. plus, violent night in philadelphia, has police investigating two deadly shootings, in two separate parts of the city. where they happened, what we know so far. >> plus, villanova university student facing very serious charges for what investigators
5:31 am
say he did on campus, where police found a hidden cell phone. >> 5:30, great to have you with us, good morning, it is thursday, almost to the weekend. i'm thomas drayton, along with karen hepp. >> good morning. >> i like saying your name. >> thank you. >> lovely karen hepp. i don't know what were you doing over there, sue, was that dancing? >> i was surfing. >> sue? >> let's see. >> ya. here is the thing, first day in the studio for this morning show, so i have a mark, and i apparently have not been staying on my mark. >> sue, move up? >> here's what happens, if i stay on -- there is the mark, okay? >> yes. >> but then you can't see all of what's going on. so look at the reflection, bus stop buddy, see his sneakers, there is the mark. >> how are you standing in those heals. >> believe me, these are coming off as soon as i finish this. so i have to move. all right? because it is not as cold today. temperatures in the four's, brink your rain gear. even if you don't need it this morning, you will later on in the day. there is a freezing rain advisory for carbon, monroe counties. we have precipitation rolling
5:32 am
into the area, a lot of it is to our north and west, see little rogue shower here and, there but for us it will be rain because of the temperatures that are milder than yesterday, 46 degrees, in the city, right now, headed to high later on of 60. but our trade off, bob kelly, is we're going to get some rain. and i have off the mark again. >> the trade off i think is you wearing high heels in the studio. because hey, you should see the shoe department we now have up here. sue has three, four pairs of high heels ready to go at any given time. behind the scenes video coming up soon. good morning, to 95, in philly -- philadelphia international airport, no delays at all if you are headed to the airport getting, scooting out of town, maybe for long weekends, no problems on the boulevard, the blue route, or the schuylkill. don't be throwing that shoe at me there. we have an accident hunting park at broad and west pike with some local detours. they're still working on the extension, southbound near
5:33 am
lehigh valley, northbound near quakertown, then eastbound, on that schuylkill expressway. you're going to find some delays as you head inbound, coming out of the king of prussia toll plaza. both the market frankford and the broad street subway, started rolling trains, and across the board, mass transit looking good. thomas, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. we want to get to this breaking news from hunting park where there has been this accident involving a police cruiser and another vehicle. it happened about 4:30 this morning, right, there you can see that police cruiser there with the flashing lights. this sat broad and pike. we do not know if the police officer was hurt, we do know the driver of the other car had to be taken out that far vehicle. extricated. now over at temple hospital, we are working to get the latest details on this one, we'll stay on top of it all morning long. also, covering breaking news that's come to us from northeast philadelphia. that's where there has been double shooting and it has ended with one woman dead, another person in the hospital. >> now the search is on for the shooter. right out to steve keeley who is joining us from the scene. this is a very active situation. >> reporter: this could have
5:34 am
been way worse than it already is. we have a 38 year old woman from the kensington section, she lived on rosehill street. so she's no where near her house. why she was here at 1:30 in the morning, trying to find out by friends, family two, surviving witnesses. but, how could it have been much worse? the bullets that hit her point blank, then were fired at these other two guys, one wounded in the face and the arm, the other one got away. this one trying to kill everybody. so bullet all over in the corner of this three-story apartment complex, which is full, and you can see, the silver chrysler 300, we're going to show you the bullet hole through the trunk, right above the rear window, the woman was found dead between these two cars and we don't want to go in, there because if you gruesome scene in there. that's one of the bullet holes, now jared will walk up the walkway here to the left, see, the ground floor window, shattered of an apartment here, no one was in that apartment at the time, fortunately, and you can see that bullet hole probably right at bed lent, these are sunken in here. then bee walk a little bit
5:35 am
this way, another bullet hole, through this window, and you can see with the halloween decorations on there, somebody was asleep, right on the other side of the window, fortunately, that bullet came in, but did not hit a person, that is how this could have been so much worse. and we're right by the entrance doorway hereof these amount, off welsh rd., this is the knot ingham building right herement you can see all of the evidence markers here, where more bullet casings were found, here in the parking lot. so, lots of shots fired, they counted 12 casings, seven of them were around this woman's body, and she was killed instantly, pronounced dead soon after the medical examiner arrived here, following the 1:30, 911 calls for these shots being fired. fortunately a lot of people in these ants called police, didn't just ignore there is and this guy that was shot in the face and the arm, he drove himself from the back of this apartment complex out to welsh rd. and found nazareth hospital which tells this guy knows this area of northeast philly, the other guy, that police fawn, he must have come forward on his own and said hey i survived being shot at. so, hopefully those two guys will cooperate, karen, thomas,
5:36 am
and tell them who this guy was that was shooting at them. you don't just find your way back here, these are railroad tracks over there, do you have finds for police and for us, so, these people all probably new each other, and new why they were here for some reason, and it doesn't sound like a good reason when you talk to the investigators. good point on all, steve. >> steve, thank you. another shooting unfortunately this in west oaklane, shooting happened about 1:30 this morning on the six after hundred block of north 17th street. police say the victim was shot and killed at close range, multiple times in the chest and stomach. they believe he was the intended target. right now, they are working to identify that victim. no arrest haves been made in that shooting. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> once again sixers dancer
5:37 am
cam all. >> she looks great, sounded wonderful. what could be wrong with that national anthem? last night's sixers season opener, that was jam ill a. but she wasn't the one supposed to be sinking originally scheduled that has a lot of people talking right now. >> so what happened? where was the other singer? fox 29's lauren johnson joining us live from wells fargo center this morning, this one sparking controversy. >> absolutely all around the world, seven streeter was supposed to sing the national anthem, singer, songwriter. well she wore black jersey with the words we matter on the front. and the number seven. let's take a look at t that's what spark this entire controversy last night. she says that the sixers asked someone else to sing after they saw her jersey. >> i'm at the 76ers game to sing the national anthem. organization is saying i can't because i'm wearing a we matters jersey. >> reporter: the team didn't responds directly to that, but did send out this statement.
5:38 am
the 76ers organization meaningful action toss drive social change. we use our games to bring people together to build trust and strength in our community. as we move from symbolic gestures to action, we will continue to leverage our platform to positively impact our community. well just last week, at a pre-season game between the 76ers and the miami heat, laurence knelt while singing the national anthem, wearing blue blazer and black lives matter t-shirt underneath. she told a reporter she wanted to spark tie log, wanted people to feel uncomfortable so we could continue to talk about things going none this world, so i'm sure thomas and car ten is not the end of it. seven streeter has work with big names in the music industry, so i'm sure some of them will responds to what happened here in philadelphia last night. >> i expect another statement possibly coming out tonight or earlier, later today, still trying to get ahold of this time, lauren, thank you. the time right now speaking of it 5:38 almost 5:39. part time villanova student
5:39 am
now under arrest, 19 year old vincent cane of broomall is accused of secretly recording people in public rest rooms and on classrooms on campus, facing child pornography, sexual abuse, whole host of other charges. >> secretly video recorded men and women, at vvs store, and cardinal o'hara high school. found more than 08,000 pictures, videos, right now could be at least 30 student victims at villanova. police fear there may be more. time now 5:39. before you head out, we will check on traffic. >> and also, checking on the sixers, because they're starting new season, a player causing a lot more excitement for the fans, than that there has been in a long time.
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>> joel embiid, we waited two years to see joel, and we finley got embiid looked like everything we thought it would be. look at this, little shake up, turn around jumper, nails it. he had 20 minute seven boards, in just 22 minutes of play. sixers actually had chance to win this game. on the sad break, bok by embiid, but cleans it up. that seals the game. the sixers lose 103 to 97. so to soccer, philadelphia union in the playoffs against toronto. look at this, great pass, and great shot right therefore toronto. the the union moves in the
5:43 am
eastern conference knock out rounds. and the cubs, even up the world series. kyle swab err right there with the single right up the middle. that brought home two runs, and the cubs win five to one, even up the series at one apiece. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
5:44 am
hillary clinton: far too many families today don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the heart of my presidency. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:45 am
>> 5:45, on thursday morning, live look here route 202, right near valley road. you got the shopping center
5:46 am
there, offer to the left, no problems or delays at all, watch it, the deer are out there. past couple of them this morning, giving me little wing there, riding in on the schuylkill expressway, and the vine expressway is open, they did not work last night. so that's good news. no problems at all coming into or out of philadelphia. and it is thursday, time to pick another spot. just raided the best of the best in salem county new jersey, going to ems cafe, patty cakes down there, we will see you starting at 9:00. bring the kids on by, bring the news van, and get ready if you head west on 422, out to arm and hammer boulevard. they just moved the off ramp on you. and they put it a half mile prior to where it was located yesterday. talk about a u-turn laverne, we will have a lot of folks as you head west, and if you typically exit forearm and hammer, pay attention, the new off ramp is a half mile prior to where it was yesterday all part of the construction project, so you'll be sipping on by there, you know, most of
5:47 am
us in a fog to begin with, and where am i going? so just be aware that far as you head west on 422 starting today, then later tonight they'll be doing some work on the princeton avenue ramp, to i-95. i guess i know tonight, maybe some rain in the forecast? sue has the answer coming up in 15 seconds. >> you see, there is some white on our radar map this morning. yep, little bit of snow moving in there. but, everywhere else, it is rain, and the temperatures are just too warm for it to be anything but. but if you are traveling
5:48 am
around hazleton, mount pocono, chestnut hill, the one up in the mountains, then you might be encountering some slippery conditions. for the rest of us though couple of showers around winslow township in new jersey, maybe a little closer to the shore, actually, that cell just moved off shore. really expecting the rain around here, later on. but we could have, can't rule out, a shower this morning. 46 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, 49 in dover. thirty-two in mount pocono, and 45 degrees, in wildwood. so, at least it is milder than yesterday. temperatures are above freezing. so, when we get the precipitation, you see, in the future cast, it mostly stay cloudy through about 10:00, 11:00. after 2:00, 3:00 that's when the rain rolls in, and then it could be heavy, at times, could be a wet commute home today. and we are seeing that rain last on and off throughout maybe midnight, 1:00 in the morning, so, as we look at yesterday, it was chilly, after that really frozen start. we got to 53 degrees, today's high, 60, but our trade off is
5:49 am
rain. then when we get into the weekends it is looking so much better. temperatures 70 on saturday, 71 sunday, and it cools off on halloween, but we are expecting it to be dry for the trick-or-treaters, thomas and karen. >> love to hear that. >> thank you. did you get your hair done? >> little bit. >> looks fabulous. >> gorgeous i thought you meant me? >> you look fabulous, too. >> natural haircut. >> so we have it talk about fill chi steaks, new list that came out. from the food network, it is basically sack redlucious. >> so here are the top three spots, attempt to go serve up philly cheese steaks. one of them called jim's stakeout, buffalo new york, they stick to the classic philly by using cheese wiz, chopped steak, fried onions, all of that good stuff. >> so, los angeles, you know even with the name it is wrong. figueroa philly. mom and pop shop. they stick to the classic. was it good? >> it is okay. >> ya. all right, san diego.
5:50 am
>> let's go down to san diego, the owner from philadelphia, and sticks close to what he grew up on here in philadelphia. the only exception, different choices of cheeses, you get to choose between mozarella, american -- i don't know why i had an accent on that one, process cheese. >> that's how we used to speak italian, just say spaghetti, rigatoni, mike and jerrick. >> hey, good to see you guys. >> lou what you have done with the place. >> thank you. >> studio. >> oh, little spackle. >> so, on good day philadelphia, get this, thomas, karen, moriah carry, has been dating this billionaire. i'll tell you over here. moriah carry has been dating this billionaire. >> yes. >> he dumped her. he dumped her. >> no way. >> is that why she went to halloween party and was with nick, the next. >> nick can on. >> she was not with nick. >> she was, she was wearing the get me back dress. >> she always wears the get me back dress. >> this was like you're messing out on all of this
5:51 am
dress. >> she brought the goblins with her, that's for sure. >> anyway, this billionaire, they interviewed him, he said she spends too much money. now, if a billionaire is saying that you're spending too much money, that's a lot of dough. >> she has her on money she's pending. >> i know, what difference does it make to him? she has plenty. >> and you know what she is, a diva with a capitol d. >> diva with a capitol d. >> double d's. >> anyway, so, you know what the boot is, the big yellow thing they put on your tire? >> yep. >> when you don't pay your parking tickets? and you've had a couple. >> there is a new version of it. >> okay? >> it is called the barn call. >> okay. >> now where do you think they put it? they don't put it on the tire, the wheel any more. >> so like a barn call lick they stick to the bottom of the boat? >> oh, you're good, doesn't look anything like the barn call on the bottom after boat. we won't show t anyway we'll show it on good day philadelphia.
5:52 am
it doesn't go on the wheel any more. >> so what's the purpose? so you can't jack it? >> can't drive away. >> there is it is. it is a giant thing they put on the windshield. >> oh? >> isn't that weird looking? >> wait. can i just roll down the window and stick my head out and try to drive away? >> who are you, jim car any pet detective? remember that? >> right? >> you could do that. yes, we have that cued up, as well, during the show. and did you have bad dreams last night? there are foods that you eat that will spark bad dreams. >> kim chief? >> is that what that is? did you smell it? >> went to high school with kim chee. >> hey, i'll have bad dreams tonight. mike, so glad to be back with you. >> good to see you. >> what did i say the first time i met you? what did i say? you. >> ended the conversation with oh, by the way you have nice lips. >> doesn't very great lips? thomas drayton has the best lips in the business. >> i turn different shades that day.
5:53 am
>> you were sexy single. >> and i brought my chap stick. >> see? >> in case you get little frisky. >> what did you then say, he is a good kisser? seriously. >> good kisser. >> see you all. >> thank you, bye, mike. >> i love this studio. coy dance in here. >> we can get you coming and going. >> see you in just a little bit. talk about election day coming up, 12 days away, coming up in the next hour, find out where donald trump has a narrow lead. this one is close, guys, it is not a done-deal by any stretch of the imagination. >> 5:53, coming right back.
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> halloween fun this weekend, touch the truck event, in the parking lot of the depford mall. it is this saturday, october 29th, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. they'll be able to explore the trucks. you know, they always look out, but can never touch. they can ride a hey ride, trick-or-treat of course get all of the candy. kids are free, the event benefits the veterans multi service center. let's get check on the top store thinks morning. septa riders are bracing for what could be a messy commute come next week. that's at 5,000 septa employees go on strike. septa has back up plan on its website if its workers walk off the job. if the union doesn't reach an agreement by midnight on monday, there will be big changes, november 1st. regionalregional rail would bece only trade option for traveling in and around philadelphia. city bus routes, market
5:57 am
frankford line, number of trolley routes would not run. controversy this morning, before the sixers season opener, last night, what this singer had written on her shirt, she says, got her banned from performing the national anthem, plus violent night in philadelphia, has police investigating two deadly shootings in two separate parts of the city. where they happened, and what we know so far. stay with us. you out.
5:58 am
5:59 am
no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> ♪ >> man, she wasn't supposed to sing. sixers dancer belts out the star spangled banner at the home opener. the thing is, she wasn't supposed to do that. why the original singer, seven, says she was yanked from the program, minutes before the show. and a deadly double shooting rocks the northeast. at least dozen shots are fired. what we're learning about the victims and one of them, what one every them did after being shot. >> plus there is story getting national attention from our area, part time villanova student arrested on disturbing charges. police say he used his phone to secretly record people in a school bathroom. but that's not all. where else police say the alleged preditor struck. hey, good day everybody, it is, what is it, thursday? >> it is thursday.


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